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Why Green Scene

Over the years Green Scene Indoor Plant Hire has changed the look of many offices, pubs, clubs and restaurants with our innovative plant displays. We can transform your work space into a lush green environmentally friendly area. We can help you achieve the look and feel that your office is aiming for with the plant selection and layout design that we specialize in.

Green Scene Indoor Plant Hire provides uncomplicated terms of service. We don’t believe in holding you to excessively long contracts/service agreements, we have no restrictive terms and conditions and definitely no messy cancellation terms.

We provide plants on both long & short term hire basis and offer free quotes and site inspections.

Services Provided By Green Scene Indoor Plant Hire:

Our plant technicians provide a regular unobtrusive service that includes:

  • watering
  • dusting & polishing
  • pest & disease control
  • rotation of unsightly plants
  • fertilizing
Tambour Unit in office in newcastle